“Through music a child gains insights into herself, into others, and into life itself. Perhaps most important, she is better able to develop and sustain her imagination. Without music, life would be bleak. Because a day does not pass without a child’s hearing or participating in some music, it is to a child’s advantage to understand music as thoroughly as she can. As a result, as she becomes older she will learn to appreciate, to listen to, and to partake in music that she herself believes to be good. Because of such cultural awareness, her life will have more meaning for her.”
— Edwin Gordon, Music Education Researcher and founder of Music Learning Theory

All photography provided by Ellie Kaufman Wannemacher

Early Childhood Music ClasseS

Welcome to my early childhood program, which runs in coordination with Edwin Gordon's Music Play. These 45-minute long classes are designed to be a "music and movement" experience for young children and their caregivers. In small groups, children learn to recognize musical phrases and develop body coordination through a diverse collection of songs, chants, and movement activities. Children (and caregivers) will be physically and musically engaged in creative and fun experiences to begin a life-long musical journey.

These classes are based on the extensive research of Dr. Edwin Gordon, a music educator, researcher and advocate for early childhood music. His findings over the years have revealed the importance of introducing varying tonalities and rhythm patterns much earlier in life, as a child's brain is most receptive to musical growth between birth through 5 years of age. We believe that parents and educators can be models for children to hear and think about music in a more meaningful way!

Parents want to know...

  • Where? The Center for Performing Arts. 3754 Pleasant Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55409 (located in the Sunroom)

  • When? Winter Registration Opens Friday, November 15th. Classes begin the week of January 6th and run for 10-weeks.

    • Mondays 9:30am and 10:30am

    • Tuesdays 9:15am, 10:15am, 11:15am (Babies Only)

    • Tuesdays 4:15pm (Music Explorers, ages 4-8)

    • 5:15pm NEW!

    • Wednesday 9:15am

    • Thursday 10:30am NEW!

    • 4pm and 5pm

  • How Long? Classes are 45-minutes long and winter session runs 10-weeks

  • Cost? Music Play tuition will be $145 per student. Additional siblings are $75 per sibling. Newborn siblings under 6 months of age are free!

  • Your Roll: Parents do not need to be musical, but participation and music modeling is required! Come ready to sing and move and remember- you are there to learn, too!

  • Listening at home: Each semester, registered families receive a link to listen to tracks at home on Sound Cloud and through Drop-Box. Physical CD's will be available to purchase for $5 for those who are interested.

  • Classroom rules: In addition to being music models, parents are expected to help keep an environment that is safe and musically supportive for all of our learners. Every child in Music Play is important and it is Sarah's goal to uncover their music aptitude and accommodate classroom activities to support each individual student. In order to accomplish this, parents are asked to intervene on behavioral issues when their own child becomes disruptive to the flow of the music. Sarah will cover more of this in class on the first week!