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Jessica Varela, music play and music moves for piano

Jessica Varela brings a broad range of musical experiences to her role as a Music Play instructor including performing singer/songwriter, flutist, guitarist, private lesson instructor, preschool music specialist, Music Together instructor, and most recently, Minneapolis Public School music teacher. She thoroughly enjoys being a part of the musical exploration process of young children, and is continually inspired by the joyful expressions in voice and movement that happen in class!

After teaching for the past three years as an elementary music teacher (Barton Open, Lucy Laney) she is thrilled to return to early childhood music as that is where her passion lies! Smaller classes and incorporation of the whole family makes the music part more fun and the learning part more impactful! She also has extensive knowledge about improvisation, varying modes and meters and composition, which she will brings to both her Music Play and Music Moves for Piano classes!

She is mama to a brilliant, athletic, and musical 5-year-old son named Nathan and a cheerful, chattering and climbing 1-year-old daughter named Nolan. They are her greatest inspiration and most cherished accomplishment.